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This website is full of terms relating to emergency medical services, but how much do you truly understand? This page will define some simple terms used in EMS.


Advanced Life Support (ALS) – ALS Providers are the highest trained, and are effectively staffed on all of our first response and transport vehicles. ALS providers range in certifications as an EMT-Enhanced/Advanced EMT to a Paramedic. Our ALS units are staffed with either EMT-Intermediate/99’s or Paramedics. EMT-Intermediates are skilled and certified to read cardiac monitors (EKG’s), administer medications intravenously (cardiac, analgesics, and many more), as well as placing advanced airway devices such as an endotracheal tube (intubation). Paramedics are trained with all of these skills as well as the ability to perform surgical airways, perform pediatric endotracheal intubation (ages 12 and under), and chemically sedate patients to obtain airway access.

Nationally Registered (NR) – National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) has become the gold standard in terms of EMS certification and education. NREMT has become a national recognition for EMS certifications. All of Galax-Grayson EMS full-time employees are required to possess a National Registry Paramedic certification. GGEMS part-time employees have been taught at NREMT standards, however may only hold a state certification due to NREMT no longer issuing Intermediate certifications.


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